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A Thoroughly Laundered Life

by Mike Poole Quick-Loans.Net is for sale to highest offer as they want US99,000 for Quick-Loans.Com
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No time wasters please

Just trying to get through to the Bilderberg Group with all of my problems that's all.
Problems shared are problems halved as the old proverbial saying says.
Figured this was the only way. I am a true desperado.
My Rothschild descendent laundered '70s legacy claim was considered a bizarre delusion under DSM-2, DSM-3, and DSM-4.
My moods were also considered inappropriate with reality because so much of the Rothschild evidence was suppressed by the launderers.
At no time since 1977 could I have been studied mood free either because of so many decades of fraud and laundry.
Lots of kids used to smoke back then.
My case details here are certain to shed light on other supressed evidence cases and by exposure on this website help others and save countless lives by doing so I have decided.
It is an open secret that I have been laundered against my wishes every year for over 4 decades since I was fifteen in Offshore Jersey CI.
It is safe for me to communicate here on this blog about it but nowhere else really.
Dr Max Marshall the government psychiatrist has sent me a genuinely sinister unsolicited appointment letter for a month from now on an intell fishing trip that has now drawn a sustained GMC complaint ref:E1-289 345 8412.
There was never any clinical need to either pat me on the bum after injections or take me to the bathroom for injections or accuse me of being in the IRA or the Baader-Meinhof Gang, all of which happened, or pull Kung Fu moves in front of me everyday for months on end or pin me up against the wall 6 inches off the ground by my throat or then demand 10 grand in the street for that matter, like the 20+grand the banks do every year in unwanted charges for unwanted management of some of my frauded then laundered assets.
They are trying to manipulate me with cash I think.
I remember a depression patient who was given Electro Convulsive Therapy here in the late '90s.
They can and do con you out of anything here and launder it three or four times. Stay away Ok?
In a thoroughly corrupted Police State like this one it is not a practical idea to turn anybody in to the law...
It has got like the Turks and Caicos Islands in 2009 really when the UK Government had to take direct control to fight corruption.
It's a fraud, theft, money laundry, and murder epicenter now like many OFCs.
Someone has to do something sooner rather than later.
I also fully intend to be contacting the British Banking Ombudsman about Barclays Private Bank, the German Banking Ombudsman about Deutsche Bank, and the Global HQ of the Freemasons about the conduct of the local Freemasons' Lodge here since 1978 having permanently ruined the global reputation all of the Freemasons' Lodges here for all time.
The reports will more than likely include details of both anxiety and brain fog premenopause symptoms noticed by me in many of the SDPD women in my life.
You now are forced to book up in advance if you want to use the public gallery of the Magistrates' Courts so we must all judge this jurisdiction for ourselves from now onwards I very very very much regret to inform this website.

I grew up being educated to think that power was the capability and ability to do good things by being creative, and positive, and generally adding value in a good way to the world. Since then I have had to learn that power is more about the capability and ability to switch off lights and ventilators and fridges and heart monitors and power stations and things rather than create them and switch them on.
I am the Jewish son of a blue eyed English Tory Arabic speaker. Life has always been tough.

MASCE MASME MIEEE MIET MBCS ACIARB my credentials gets me rights protection in the BUILDERBERG™ wordmark I think because of subtle links with the building industry. I first became interested in the law at 13 or 14 at boarding school when my secret stash of whisky was stolen then drunk by the senior house captain.

The world changed a lot in 2020. You are all very lucky to get a blog of contribution from someone like me. They are going to be fighting over the vaccines, and people will even die in the fight.

I have been working at least once a week as the local free Court Observer since '13 and they let me out through opening the bar in Court 2 for the first time today being guided out through Victim Support.

I guess we are all pretty old. I am late 50s and world leaders and business leaders are usually about my age. Our age I guess.

I lost my housing rights today and my car is off the road for a while. One of the two road cones guarding it was nicked yesterday and I don't get a new one delivered till Monday. Sometimes they ram my 4 litre V8. Should be Ok though. Nobody knows about this domain apart from the search engines.

I kept a solid car with a good heater and locks just in case it happened really. I could see it coming. A lifelong litigation case with the local laundry mob. Seems like a lifetime anyway.

Using Offshore Jersey UK for laundry is completely terrible for the victims like me if they complain. You end up praying silently to G-d every night to kill you. The plundering of my case has been active every day since I was fifteen and has been used to control me all of my life by always keeping most of my Rothschild descendent legacy withheld and controlled leading to a lifelong sense of oppression and communication suppression really.

Barclays Private Bank admitted to me during the 2013 Jersey Financial Services Commission inquiry that they had no evidence for the confidential source of funds claim they made to me. Conned = deluded is the story of my 44 year case. The Royal Bank of Canada claimed during the same inquiry that I was in an inheritance dispute with my sister. The same year my Data Protection Commission inquiry resulted in two source of funds question letters being posted to my Dad both left unanswered to the trust company that Barclays Private Bank delegated to during the 2008 financial crisis in October. Deutsche Bank Vault 525 was basically an uknown concept to me until October 2009.

They changed the Tutelle law here in '16 to try and frustrate my legal actions. I am now considered an inheritance rights activist for under age people like I was in the '70s and an anti corruption activist because they obviously changed the Tutelle law to try to cancel out my claim and protect hundreds of professionals here who are implicated in financial crimes against other children of the laundry for a span of over 4 decades more than likely. The Ex Chief Minister responsible for the law change has now even started a drug war to try and launder his reputation after the case leaked. His character reference is that this crime haven just got blacklisted by the EU.
A letter of March 13 1962 signed by L.L. Lemnitzer leads me to conclude the '16 Chief Minister Ian Gorst is probably going to arrange for an Island import of unusually pure narcotics to ramp up his drug war this year.
Shooting galleries work is the message from Europe and a good use for the disused Barclays Wealth building on Broad Street until a more permanent location can be sourced someone should tell him before more people die.

x = 1 - 1/y  for herd immunity is the approx formula I read in How to Survive a Pandemic today by the NutritionFacts.Org author if any of you are stuck.

I am happy with all of the existing cancers, alcoholisms, legit addictions, obesities, covid-19s, Korsakoff syndromes, divorces, drug addictions, bankruptcies, and early deaths as poetic justice for what the launderers here have done to me and my family over the decades. People in glass houses should not have thrown stones at us. There is at least some welcome closure to the case.

Enjoy the Music Mp3 downloads I created at the links above.

ELIZA helped me today.

I inherited a touching, tragic, sentimental, and priceless gay love letter between Mr A of Clarence House, London and Mr H of St. Helier, Jersey explaining his difficulties of getting time off to hook up that may need to be sold abroad if my luck does not turn soon. Also a copyrighted DVD of the CCTV security of HRH Princess Diana and her driver Henri Paul leaving a building apparently completely stone cold sober immediately previous to their Paris underbridge crash in the early hours of 31 August 1997...

Well the offshore laundry banks finally white shotgun killed my Dad today. Retribution for me having complained. How did the Offshore Jersey Drug War start Uncle Mike (?) is always going to have an interesting answer Hannah.


Locale of the local Ndrangheta clan

Neither LOUISE MARTHA BRACKEN-SMITH, DAVID PEARCE, John Le Masurier Germain, Nicholas Forbes Walker, Donald McKay Reid, ROGER Charles MADDOCK, William Roger King, Gordon Peter Angus, Stephen Andrew Homyard, Christopher Robert Bestaick, Richard Denis Perkins, John Maurice Hullah, nor Susan Carol Munday, wife of John Keith Davies, have replied to my recent inquiry email this 2021 asking for a meeting concerning my missing Rothschild descendant legacy assets. The stamped sealed complaint letter to the Jersey Financial Services Commission went off earlier on today. Promotions have been accounted at the group for Chris Mourant, Daniel Harrison, Vanessa Ferrira, Danielle Bowden, Mark Wernham, Katie Davey-Williams, Ana Freitas, and Mark Hucker.

Neither Anton Swemmer (*), Aynslie Colette Le Brun (*), Marcus Adam Pearce, Anthony John Quinn, Clive Phillip Le Brun Tomes, Robert Taylor, Piers Ross Coke-Wallis, Christine Leroy, nor Anrea Rombaut, are more than likely to get a source of funds reply to their two letters to my Dad as a result of my Data Protection Commissioners Office sustained complaint now.

Neither Paul James Savery, Martin Alan Scriven, Jenny Clayton (*), Ashley Stewart Cox, David Blizzard, R Bayman, Laura Bayman, FRANCESCA FREZZA, Alexander Michael Clark Hutchison, Richard Wilkinson Thomas, Adrian Keith Wood, David James Thompson, Michael Peter Farley, Richard Wilkinson, Adrian Keith, Michael Peter, Christopher Roy, Simon James, Allan Francis John, Jillian Arwen Maria, David Martin, Leslie Walter Cunliffe, Marc Anthony Pullman, nor others are very likely to hear much more information from my Dad now after my Jersey Financial Services Commission sustained complaint and them saying sorry in writing either now either.

I should reply to the Jersey Financial Services Commission about Graham Arthur Huelin (*), Susan Freeman, Lyndsay Jane Ozanne, Susan Gibaut, Lindsay Walton, Siobhan Dowdall and probably some others sooner rather than later.


I just hope the SAS security here can get by on the local 3 inch blade legal limit that's all.

Just a matter of getting a politician to ask a question about everything else in the house now Tess and the paper can go to bed apparently.

They were club owners Tess with chemical companies that laundered our cash in the '70s and basically controlled Offshore Jersey in the '90s and they still have plenty of networks here from the North. They bought every cop for sale in town.

A good example of the institutionally racist administration in this country is the dangerous drain lid just outside the main door of the Tesco next to the McDonald's here. It was built in a deliberately dangerous way to twist or sprain the ankles of anyone coming out of the shop and turning left aiming for the Library or the Market.

RBC Flat 3

Word of the new EU/G7 15% minimum tax policy has filtered through to me at last...
Something does need doing about the fraud and theft laws here though still. Fraud is only defined as fraud when the numbers reach several million and legally actioned theft cases by beneficiaries against the trust companies here entitle the trust company to simply stop paying out anything to the beneficiaries at all... When the beneficiary is also the settlor it can make life a bit tricky for the beneficiary-settlor to say the least,
and any inland source of funds from another inland source never needs any know your client or source of funds checks
so a lot of the laundry is done by bringing funds in and then just switching trust companies a few times...

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